Mee-Mee Phipps

Author of Memories in the Bone and The Ming Admiral

Memories In The Bone

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Memories in the Bone He Who Pursues Revenge Digs Two Graves

In the crumbling days of the Qing Dynasty, the stench of blood hangs in the air as a young, disguised rebel soldier pushes his way through the streets. The biggest peasant rebellion against an emperor in Chinese history, started by a peasant who believes himself to be God’s Chinese son, is ended. Now the terror felt by all the citizens of Suzhou City is very real for the heart of their city is being transformed into a mass execution ground.

Zhou Yu, had become known as a fearless warrior in the rebel army. But now after he helplessly watches the decapitation of his brother in the town square, he is forced to flee Suzhou. Through his father, he is smuggled into his Aunt Meng’s Shanghai mission where she risks all by hiding him and then finally by securing him a passage on a ship headed for Australia. As Yu’s adventures in the new world begins he joins the thousands of Chinese goldminers who suffer racism and discrimination in the isolation of the Australian gold fields. BUT he strikes it rich….

ISBN 13 (TP): 9781475932683

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781475932690

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